Our Commercial Services

We are a full service solar electrical contractor with vast experience in commercial construction and installation of many different types of buildings.

Our Commercial Services

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Quality without compromise.

We take pride in our installations. Our technicians are NABCEP certified and have years of solar installation experience.


Your solar panels need to be cleaned annually.

Dirt and grime will build up causing your system to produce less energy. Your panels will sparkle when we are done with them!

We use solar specific materials only. All of our solutions are approved by Green Plus+ standards.

We conduct our solar inspections by the standards set by the city of San Diego's solar inspection guide.


Just like your car, your solar system needs to be maintained.

Neglecting your system can have very expensive consequences.

We offer maintenance contracts for commercial customers.

Pigeons and other critters not only pose a threat to your solar system, but to your health as well. Worst of all, they don't pay rent.

Call us for a pigeon eviction. We will install an aesthetically pleasing barricade that will keep them out!

All homeless pigeons will be taken to the animal shelter.  

Are you part of a local non-profit or school?

Send us a message telling us who you are and what service you need and depending on the project we will add you to our community list.

We offer a variety of discounts and our rates are very competitive.

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We do the job right the first time. We are confident that you will be happy with the results.

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